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Have you ever been chatting with a friend, and suddenly they just throw this phrase out that you SO invented?! And you try to reason with them, but it's no use. They flatly deny the fact that you made up this totally awesome word or phrase. Here at Word Claim, we offer a way for you to trademark a phrase. That way you have all possession rights to it.

Community Rules:

- Make a post in the community journal stating which word or phrase you'd like ownership of.
- You may only claim one phrase per person.
- The word/phrase cannot be innapropriate in any way.
- Please refer to our list of claimed words before trying to take ownership of something someone has already claimed as their own.
- We will not send you a confirmation messege or e-mail to indicate that your claim has been approved, but it will be posted it on the claim list. (see above link)
- Make sure you use the proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling of the word you want. Your word will not be editited in any way when it is posted on the claims list.
- If you'd like to transfer your claim to a different username, just make a post in the community stating your new username. If you'd like to change the word you claimed, please contact lauriness.

This community was founded by lauriness on 11.27.02.